The future of

storytelling is a stick.

Ambient awareness, in places where it matters.

My eyes on the object – both ears remain free. And yet I am not missing the story.


dojo, a new way of storytelling for exhibitions, showrooms, and outdoor sites.

Contemporary Storytelling

Distribute your story with an interactive audio device.


Our technology enables a new sensory experience with less limitations.


Delivering location based audio on demand, transferred via bone conduction.


Available in 2023

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“We’re excited to test dojo’s pilot series in a real-life setting." 

Christian Rohner

Head of Exhibitions and Digital Museum
Museum of Communication, Bern

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Making Simple

What does new technology mean to us? When would it help us? And how can we commit to simplicity in the process?

We are a Switzerland based startup in the IoT Storytelling sector.

Combining our backgrounds in acoustics, signage and industrial design, we’ve set out to find new ways for objects, buildings and spaces to communicate.


The first series of dojo is available for order by 2023.

Jana Kalbermatter Portrait
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Jana Kalbermatter

Louis Moser Portrait
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Louis Moser

Innovation Portrait DOK

On Swiss National Television SRF

A camera crew follows the team for a day, creating dojo, and meeting with partners.



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Contact us for pre-orders and more.

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Crossing the Bridge
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Besten Dank! Wir melden uns bald.