From an idea to the product on the market. 

First deployment at MfK

We look forward to the first use of the system in February 2022, at the Museum for Communication in Bern. Here you can experience dojo.


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Recognition by Pro Helvetia

We are particularly pleased about the design grant from Pro Helvetia Foundation, because at dojo we continiously investigate the world between design and entrepreneurship.


New investor

Since October 2021 we have had a well-known investor on board: Roland Brack. We look forward to shaping dojos future together.




Founding the company

In December 2020 dojo tech AG is founded in Basel, Switzerland. As co-founder Jana Kalbermatter is now the managing director.



The product, the system and the application are pending for international patents. As of November 2020 we can finally communicate publicly.

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Customer and market research

dojo's design follows the validated needs of contemporary exhibitors in Switzerland. We particularly enjoy exchanging ideas with future customers.

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First prototype

Together with 30 students from the FHNW our first prototype is created . For the first time we are holding a dojo stick in our hands.


Industrial design project

Development of the product concept and design at the Institute Industrial Design, HGK FHNW, Basel by Jana Kalbermatter.
Finalist project in: Swiss Design Association, Innovation Basel, Amatin Design Förderpreis. MUBA Basel 2018


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